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"RAM power" is a system designed to construct low-voltage complete devices (switchgear) for currents up to 6300 A according to the new GOST R IEC 61439 standard. A distinctive system feature is a huge variety of finished functional units for the mounting of the most series of circuit breakers, such as 3VT, 3WL / 3WT, Compact NS / NSX, Masterpact NW / NT, Tmax XT, T, Emax E. The internal sectioning up to 4b prevents the electric arc spread and ensures the staff safety.

"RAM mcc" is a system designed to provide energy, control and protection of electric motors, which meets the requirements of GOST IEC 61439-1. The system allows to create a sustainable solution for technological equipment controlling due to the power distribution of up to 1600 A in every panel, as well as its large capacity of up to 33 drawout units with consumption currents of up to 63 A. The quick units replacement makes the RAM mcc system indispensable in large industrial, energy and infrastructure facilities, ensuring prolonged and smooth running of important equipment.

"Powertech" busbars are used as supply circuits in high-powered systems with rated currents from 630 to 6300 A with the possibility to connect consumers throughout the route. Busbars are made of high-quality materials and guarantee efficient operation without power loss throughout the entire service life.

"Hercules" dry transformers with cast insulation with a rated power from 100 to 3150 KVA are used to transform energy from one voltage class to another. Hercules transformers are the most sustainable solution as they have a high resistance limit to short-circuit currents due to their design. The dry-type means natural air convection as a cooling of device for its normal operation, which corresponds not only to modern environmental standards, but also to high fire safety. Hercules transformers are recommended for operation in areas with an increased fire risk and where better protection is required for other electrical equipment and staff.

Large selection of functional units

Suitable for mounting most series of circuit breakers, which reduces assembly time

Increased protection against short-circuit currents

All systems comply with the most modern GOST IEC 61439 ensures reliable and safe operation of the plant

Guaranteed partitioning up to 4b

Completely elaborated design of consumer cable outlet/connection compartments for servicing of front and rear access cabinets

Reliability and high throughput of contact groups

Patented contact connection technology and high current carrying capacity allow for achievement of the highest electrical and mechanical parameters

System components
1. Cast resin transformers "Hercules"
Cast resin transformers "Hercules" Code: TDA16ADYN1AA000
2. Flexible buses
Flexible buses Code: PTA25EFLXJAA000
3. Terminal parallel phases
Terminal parallel phases Code: PTA25ETPP1AA000
4. Straight element of busbar "Hercules"
Straight element of busbar "Hercules" Code: PTA25ESEF1AA000
5. Vertical elbow
Vertical elbow Code: PTA25EVEL1AA000
6. Terminal switchboard/transformer
Terminal switchboard/transformer Code: PTA25ETST1AA000
8. Terminal switchboard/transformer with vertical elbow
Terminal switchboard/transformer with vertical elbow Code: PTA25EVET1AA000
9. Tap-off box
Tap-off box Code: PTN90OTCE2AA000
10. Horizontal elbow
Horizontal elbow Code: PTA25EHEL1AA000
11. Vertical Tee
Vertical Tee Code: PTA25EVTE1AA000
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